Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Video Remote Learning with MyMusicPB

For Schools, Music Services, Hubs and Private Teaching Studios

MyMusicPB, the online, interactive practice book continues to innovate with teacher and student led solutions by integrating with video for safe, secure and effective remote teaching during the school closures due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We will also support schools, music services and private teaching studios who are already using other video platforms with our online practice book for secure and effective learning and communication, while supporting improved safeguarding and GDPR guidelines. Supporting both group and individual teaching, all lessons are logged and accounted, offering transparency for invoicing and pay claims with admin access.

We appreciate your need for a quick and easy registration process for teachers and parents to ensure your students can safely benefit from the continuation of effective learning. Please select contact for more information.

Transforming the Practice Book

An effective, easy to use teaching and learning resource
for piano, vocal and instrumental music lessons

for Schools and Music Services

Free shared learning resources

Discover more about MyMusicPB

Sharing informative ideas

More than a Practice Book

Supports efficient teaching,
keeps parents informed and students engaged,
leading to more practice, progress and enjoyment.

MyMusicPB is...

is an online, easy-to-use, interactive program that links the music teacher's planning to the lesson activities ​and student's practice book.

will manage all of the teacher's lesson needs including planning, assessments, student information, communications and student's practice focus. Created for piano, vocal and instrumental music teachers, it can be used in both individual and group lesson settings.

allows students and parents access to their practice book's notes, communication and interlinking features. MyMusicPB also ensures each week's practice focus is delivered to the parents by including ​automatic email notification.

with​ features including a unique interactive Progress Bar. MyMusicPB aims to engage the student, leading to more practice, ​progress and enjoyment.

Practical benefits to you

Teachers have more time to teach
Students interact, understand and engage
Parents are more informed to support their child's progress
Admin access allows Schools and Music Services to offer effective support

MyMusicPB benefits...

Students have a clear, easy-to-read, interactive practice book to engage efficient practice and enjoyable progress.

Music Teachers can plan, deliver and assess lessons efficiently. The flexibility of the program allows teachers to input as much or as little information as they wish, at their own time to compliment ​their unique teaching style and experience.

Parents appreciate the two-way communication link with teachers, and are more informed of their child's progress, having full access ​to the child's practice book including email notifications.

Schools & Music Services​ know lessons are planned, consistent, organised, linked and engaging for students to succeed. Options include a personalised home page and administration access to help support your teachers and students.


"I feel more on top of my teaching and more informed
through the program's communication"

"I'm going to practise as soon as I get home"

"As a family, we find that mymusicpb is very useful.
It opens a line of communication between teacher and parent
that we haven't had before.
I would go so far as to say that it has helped her to improve as a player"

"She has found using mymusicpb very motivational
with a visual goal and visual reward.
It also helps me as I can see which songs
she is meant to be practising each week"

"It gives us immediate feedback on how they are doing"

"I like getting purple on my progress bar"


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